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A Dog’s Best Friend is South Florida’s oldest, positive dog training company, serving our community since 1994.

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I Have a New Puppy!

Grab the paper towels, hide your shoes, and prepare for exhaustion, your life is about to change forever. Learn about our in-home lessons and our Super Puppy University to get your puppy the best start in life.

My Dog is Outta Control

Is your canine buddy jumping all over you? Dragging you down the street? Laughing when you call him to come? Learn how our in-home lessons can turn your monster into the neighborhood’s envy.

My Dog is a Scaredy Cat

If your dog jumps at his own shadow, we’re the experts who can help. With instruction based on scientific results, our in-home lessons can help your dog gain confidence.

My Dog Has Anger Issues

Growling? Snapping? Guarding? Whether your dog is aggressive towards people, dogs, or both, we’re the experts who can help. Choose our in-home lessons before aggression gets worse.

I Want Therapy or Service Dog Training

Therapy dogs bring joy to others. Service dogs help people with disabilities. We have almost three decades of experience training dogs with jobs. Check out our specialty training.

Highlighting Success Stories


Maggie Was a Thief.

When the kids tried to get their stuff back Maggie would snap at them. Now she brings them everything in the house.

Mishka and Sasha

Mishka and Sasha used to dash out the front door

when deliveries arrived. Now they go to their rug and wait, hoping all the packages are for them!


Chewie is a Super Puppy University graduate

He majored in Manners and Cuteness (graduating magna cum laude).


Service dog Ajax saved his mom’s life.

While hiking, she fell and was unconscious. Ajax barked until help came!

Professional Certifications