Specialty Training

When it comes to training therapy and service dogs, Teoti and Tim have extensive experience. Teoti volunteered with Pet Partners therapy organization for more than 23 years, serving as a volunteer with her pets and as an evaluator and instructor. She even served on the organization’s national committees. She offers webinars on how to be an effective therapy dog team, and lectures at conferences on pet therapy volunteerism.

Tim has been training service dogs for more than two decades, from hearing assistance dogs to seizure alert dogs to mobility assistance dogs. He has trained dogs to perform laser-guided retrievals, bracing, alerts, opening doors, barking for help, and more. 

Service Dog

Therapy Dogs

Personal pets who go with their pet parents to visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, even airports. These dogs need to be friendly with strangers and very well trained.

Service Dogs

 These are dogs who perform specific tasks for their pet parent in order to assist with a disability. These dogs require a high level of training, and must be able to maintain their focus and training in a variety of environments. These dogs do have permission to travel in airplane cabins, provided they follow all airline policies. 

Emotional Support Dogs

These dogs provide comfort to their pet parents who suffer from anxiety. Emotional Support Dogs have special access in terms of housing, but do not have access to travel in airplane cabins. 

Maybe you want advice on what kind of puppy to get to raise to be a therapy or service dog. You might be interested in a realistic assessment of the dog you already have. We also help brush up behaviors for service dogs who have already gone through training. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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